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septiembre 2013
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TECNOLOGÍA: Let’s Hope We Don’t See ‘Apple Gear’

Written by: Bret Kenwell

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — On Thursday I did a ‘quick take’ summary for TheStreet’s video regarding the newSamsung smart watch. Before the company’s unveiling of the new product, I was working on a piece for Apple’s new iWatch — at least, that’s what it’s been dubbed — wondering whether or not it would really make a difference to the general population, or to Apple’s bottom-line.
Unfortunately, the answer is not necessarily a layup, especially considering that Apple has never confirmed that a smart watch has been put into motion. But for the sake of their reputation, I hope it’s nothing like that of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.
Good grief! The thing looks terrible. It’s enormous, clunky, and not exactly easy on the eyes. I mean, I’m no fashionista here, but hell, it’s not a big secret that for wearable technology to work, it’s got to have some glamour to it, too.
From the beginning I have been skeptical on wearable technology. Google Glass, I could see working — no pun intended — if they managed to make it look like the fashionable eyewear that seems to be growing exponentially more popular by the hipster.
The iWatch is something that, unless it’s truly groundbreaking — which I tend to doubt — won’t be a game changer, but I really hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I’ll wear one. Maybe I will. Maybe all of America will. But if it’s like Samsung’s watch, then toss Apple, and its stock, out the door.
Because if Wall Street, which already has the flawed perception that the company can’t innovate, isn’t blown away by this, assuming the iWatch actually is the next new product, the stock is going to get trashed.
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